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Join the Buchholz PTSA in providing Buchholz High School with 3 BOBCAT BENCHES this school year! 

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We understand that many parents are DONE with PTA commitments by the time they get their teen to high-school. 
If you want to be involved, Great! If not, we are happy to have you as a member and use your $10 membership fee to do great things! (and we won't bother you)

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Make A Difference At Buchholz And Avoid Volunteering Hours With PTSA

Buchholz Parents Can Make A Difference At Buchholz In As Little As A Few Minutes, without having to sit in a meeting, or volunteer a bunch of hours. 

Let the PTSA use your Membership donation to do some amazing things in students' lives this year! 

We support all students with a variety of life goals. As this is a lean year, due to COVID, your membership makes an even BIGGER impact on Buchholz. Be a hero! Join PTSA!

The TRUTH about how To Make A Difference At Buchholz... even if You Have PTA "burn-out" From Other Schools!

I remember those first years of elementary school, when I was a young parent and eager to get involved. I decided to join the PTA and other school volunteering programs, so I could stay connected...

Then it PTA Board meeting lasted 3 hours! Everyone was talking over each other and playing "my child is the best". That was the meeting that I decided to minimize my involvement with the PTA. 

I stayed involved via my membership, so they could still do good things for the school. 

As my child moved to middle school, I became involved once again with the PTA, but didn't attend meetings. 

Then one day they said they needed to fill the President position. Since I had been on the board in minor rolls, I though:

"HEY! If I was President, then I could set the vibe of the PTSA and also have great meetings that lasted no longer than one hour!"

So, that's what I did. I respect everyone's time and have efficient and productive monthly meetings, and allow each board chair to do their thing! We work as a team with BHS Admin to generously support Buchholz Students and Teachers.

Join Us!

Becky Lancer
BHS PTSA President 2021-2022

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